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Hi, I'm Matej

I’m the founder & tech CEO of, world’s largest Minecraft-educational platform.

I coded since the age of 8, and was known as the “backend nerd who learned business“. Today, I teach my know-how from building MineAcademy to everyone looking to scale their own online education business.

Through MineAcademy we've helped 3,000+ Developers Get Jobs At
Sam Ovens invited me to a call

After enrolling into Consulting Accelerator and Uplevel Consulting in 2019, I’ve developed proprietary learning management and billing for our own company and scaled it to 6-figures.

I had the amazing privilege being invited to a private call with Sam to show him our own platform and give suggestions for Skool, before it became popular.

I built backend for Peter Szabo & he scaled past 200k/mo

Peter has already made $1M+ from his marketing agency and wanted to transition out selling courses, but struggled with consistency and architecture and could not break $100k/mo selling his course.

After joining his company I ran his team as COO and build out his entire backend. In a few months he scaled past 200k/mo and after paying Facebook/YouTube Ads Peter took home 500k net profit the same year.

I built Skool and Hyros before they existed

I started MineAcademy through niche online forums and organic marketing before Hyros and Skool existed. We needed custom billing, learning portal and multi-channel attribution tracking and found none of the providers could deliver.

Taking this as a challenge, within a few months I built a production version of major platforms as they stand today and got invited to a call with Sam Ovens.

You can check out my GitHub profile here:

Minecraft's largest server software
"What kangarko is offering isn't bad. You don't object to teachers being paid, do you? It's like saying "You could learn things on your own, don't go to school!" He's offering a targeted course to teach people things and offering personal support."
Daniel Ennis (aikar)
Core team for @PaperMC
1.39M subscribers
"I could literally land a $100-$150k a year job with the coding skills I've picked up learning game dev. I know Matej Pacan has an offer like this."
Alex Becker
CEO of
Australia's largest Minecraft Camp
"I have now made it a requirement for developers on my Minecraft server to have done the course with MineAcademy. I recommend this course."
Sean Firth
Founder of
Italy's biggest Minecraft network
"This course changed my life. Today I have a Minecraft server with more than 1,200 average players and it became the biggest in Italy."
Nicolas Bonistalli
Founder of
How much is not knowing what you don't know costing you?

I monetized my addiction to Minecraft into and then spent time and money chasing women to cover up for my insecurities. I then begun therapy.

Two years later, I no longer had the urge to pursue unhealthy relationships or play videogames. My drive channeled into helping people build and grow online educational businesses provided that they have an amazing offer, a skillset or an idea and are willing to do the work. 

Today, I’m thrilled to speak with you to see how I can help. 

Some people come to be because they need that friend who believes in you and supports you every step of the way. Others need a no bullshit coach who’s been there and can save you a few years on trial and error. “How much is it costing you what you don’t know?”

Talk soon,

Frequent Questions

I price based on the services required and the value I can provide. There are two ways to work with me, 1:1 coaching or done-for-you. This means that pricing is custom. Book a call to get a custom price.

Absolutely! An audit of your business and mind is the perfect place to get more information on whether or not this could be valuable for you.

If you’re a coach or a consultant running an online educational business or an agency owner with a recurring service and you want to scale to 6 and 7 figures then the coaching will be a good fit.

If you’re looking to pivot and enter a new niche and need a pro to guide you every step of the way, I can do that as well.

There is an option for a done-for-you service which comes at a higher price. With 1:1 coaching, I will give you our proven ad scripts, funnel structures and 7 figure sales video scripts & coach you step by step along the way and then some.

There is no ad spend required.

I do not. I have yet to have a client whom I was not able to help but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you.

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