*How To Build A 5-15k/mo Online Course From Scratch In 48 Days Or Less

(from home without developer or hard costs)

Matej built MineAcademy.org from scratch and today he will be giving a complete blueprint on how you can achieve this in 60 days or less!

Free course-building blueprint reveals...

The exact 1-2-3 methods, tools and setup I used to build, launch and scale a course even if you never created one before.

The truth about building another online course in 2020 and how to make competition irrelevant…

How to eliminate spending months on tech and coding and get your course version out in 60 days or less. 

"We need actual, passionate entrepreneurs out there in the world making amazing products; not an endless cycle gurus trying to sell you more shit. Immense value. Thank you Matej!"
Travis Morse
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