I like computers.

Hi! I'm Matej Pacan

And I help people build a better life in both virtual and the real world. I’m the founder and CEO of MineAcademy.org where we help people code their own Minecraft plugins and build better servers.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” -Isaac Newton

Minecraft plugins

Matej discovered Minecraft while in primary school in 2011 and released his first software to the game in 2013. It was a simple plugin helping people filter their chat messages and prevent swears, ads or spam.

Two years later, ChatControl has received 100,000+ downloads so Matej decided to release a paid version of it and started selling.

In just three years, Matej released over 7 paid plugins generating thousands of dollars per month and that was the humble beginnings of Matej’s career.

ChatControl with its 600,000 downloads, still used today.

The original SpigotCourse website.


After 7 years of coding and 10,000s hours spent, Matej decided to teach others how to achieve the same.

In 2018, Matej recorded his first online course. It was amateur, but it sold well because it provided value and solved a painful problem – everyone was now capable of coding their own simple software to turn their ideas into a reality in weeks.



After successes with SpigotCourse, Matej invested his money into education and mentors, giving him the knowledge and the skill to build a platform on his own – with his own billing and attribution system, a custom member portal and two online courses.

MineAcademy has grew to become the largest Minecraft education platforms on Earth, with over 1,200 students, 900+ positive reviews and 700,000+ software downloads, including the biggest Australian education camp MineBuzz or South Americas #1 network WalkingPlayers.

MineAcademy.org is the largest Minecraft education platform on Earth, with over 1,200 students and 700,000+ software downloads.